Tips To Set The Mood When Trying To Conceive

Conception is a science, but there are still a few things you can do to help Mother Nature along when trying to conceive. Before you hit the sheets, pick up these tips on how to make your boudoir ready for baby-making, from setting the mood when trying to get pregnant to having a pillow on hand to prop up your pelvis.

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De-stress before you hit the sheets

Whether you're just starting down the baby-making trail or have been trying to get pregnant for months, trying to conceive can be stressful. "It is commonly believed that reducing stress can help you conceive more quickly," shares The Mommy Docs*, renowned OB-GYNs and moms themselves. "So what we recommend is that our patients try to relax and enjoy the time with their partner without the focus being on conceiving." Set the mood with relaxing aromatherapy candles and melt away your cares... TTC is supposed to be fun!

Unplug in the boudoir

Technology may keep you connected all day long, but you may connect more with your man when you unplug in the bedroom. Take the television out of your boudoir, turn off your cell phones and minimize the distractions and focus on making a baby.

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Clean up before you get down

Clutter can be distracting when you should be focusing on conception, so consider taking a simple approach to decorating when it comes to your bedroom. Especially when you're trying to conceive, your boudoir should be a baby-making sanctuary, so dust, clean, vacuum or reorganize instead of being preoccupied by disorder and dust bunnies.

Be cautious with lube

Although lubrication can help you and your man get busy, some lubricants may actually be hindering your baby-making plans. Some lubricants contain spermicides, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, decreasing your fertility. The same source also sites store-bought, water-based lubricants like KY Jelly for slowing down the little swimmers. So, before you reach for lubrication when hitting the sheets hoping to get pregnant, make sure you know what you're using way down there.

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Prop up your pelvis

All those frilly throw pillows may drive your partner batty, but he may see those decorative objects in a whole new light when he hears that they may aid in conception. Although there is no scientific evidence to support that propping your feet up post-coital can increase your chances of getting pregnant, using a pillow to prop up your pelvis or your feet just may increase the number of sperms that stay in your body and get to the finish line.

"If you're under 35 and still not pregnant within a year or over 35 and six months, then we'd take other steps to find out why you might not be getting pregnant," explains The Mommy Docs. "One thing that can help couples to conceive is knowing when they're ovulating. Doing the calculations or using an ovulation calculator, like the one offered by e.p.t, can be very helpful." Then, all that's left is to make your boudoir ready for baby-making and get busy trying to conceive!

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*The Mommy Docs are paid spokeswomen for e.p.t®, a leader in the home pregnancy test category. The opinions expressed here are their own.


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