How To Have A Boy Or Girl

Have you always wanted a little girl or little boy? Maybe you’ve dreamed of having one of each? Or perhaps you have a house full of boys and you want your last child to be a girl. There are theories that claim to help you achieve your desired gender… or at least help you increase your odds. But do these methods work for everyone?

Charting your temperature - trying to conceive

What is gender swaying?

Gender swaying is actively trying to affect your chances of conceiving your desired gender. There are many books and theories written about gender swaying, but most theories caution parents that there's no guarantee the outcome will be in your favor.

"A friend told me to have intercourse as close to ovulation as possible if I wanted a boy and to stop having sex three to five days before ovulation if I wanted to have a girl… because boy sperm swim faster but live shorter lifespans and girl sperm swim slower but live longer," said Dina, a mom of two girls.

The theory that X-chromosome sperm (girl sperm) swim slower but live longer and that Y-chromosome sperm (boy sperm) swim faster but die sooner is called the Shettles Method.

The Shettles Method

According to the Shettles Method, you can influence the reproductive environment, choose a sexual position and time intercourse to help increase the likelihood of conceiving a specific gender.

To conceive a boy

  • Only have intercourse the day before ovulation and the day of ovulation. In order to time this correctly, charting and observing your fertility signs are both highly recommended even before you start trying for a baby.
  • The Shettles theory favors the idea that the cervical fluid closest to the cervix is the friendliest to Y-chromosome sperm. The Shettles Method suggests that deep penetration during intercourse is ideal for the "boy sperm" so that they have a shorter distance to travel and are more likely to survive.
  • The alkaline pH level from a woman's orgasm is also favorable for Y-chromosome sperm, according to Shettles. It is suggested that women trying to conceive a boy have an orgasm during intercourse.
  • The Shettles Method recommends that men avoid tight clothing and hot baths, showers and hot tubs. Heat is known to kill off both Y- and X-chromosome sperm but, according to Shettles, the weaker, smaller sperm – the Y-chromosome sperm – will be killed off first.

To conceive a girl

  • Time intercourse three days before ovulation and avoid intercourse if you have fertile or peak cervical fluid.
  • According to the Shettles theory, shallow penetration during intercourse is ideal when trying to conceive a girl.
  • The Shettles Method advises women to avoid orgasms in order to maintain an acidic environment, which is favorable for X-chromosome sperm.

Diet and pH methods for gender swaying

Changing your nutrition can change, adjust and maintain your body's pH levels. There are quite a few methods that explore pH levels through nutrition and suggest which foods you should and shouldn't eat to conceive your gender of choice.

"I tried the girl diet and even had my husband on a version of the diet, but in the end we had a third, healthy baby boy… and couldn't be happier. We tried it but knew it could go either way," said Nicole, a mom of three boys.

Once you select your gender diet of choice, you are then supposed to track your body's pH levels by checking your cervical fluids.

Always consult your doctor before changing your diet and pH levels.

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Other methods for gender swaying

Ions: There are theories that say exposing yourself to negative ions will increase your chance to conceive a girl and that positive ions increase your chance for a boy.

Chinese gender charts: Some believe that conceiving during a pink (girl) or blue (boy) month according to the gender chart will give you your desired gender.

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