Create A Fertility-Friendly Environment

If you're trying to conceive, consider implementing some feng shui into your decor to aid in your efforts. Feng shui experts offer suggestions about how to balance the home and bedroom to create a fertility-friendly environment.

Feng shui bedroom

Clear the entryway

Ellen Whitehurst, leading feng shui expert and author of Make This Your Lucky Day, says, "The number-one tip for creating a 'fertility friendly' environment has to do with making sure the main entrance or front door of the home is completely unblocked."

The idea is to encourage healthy, fresh energy to easily enter the home. This creates an open, clear and clean area so conception can happen effortlessly with ease and grace. Avoid plant overgrowth. Even take note of where you park your car. "Is it on the street directly in front of your door, thereby blockin' critical chi from circulating?" asks Whitehurst.

The kids area

"Focus on the 'creativity/kids' area," says DeAnna Radaj, feng shui expert and owner of Bante Design LLC. "This area is located on the right-hand wall, center area of the home/floor plan." (Think of a tic-tac-toe board: This is the middle square of the row on the right.) Radaj explains the elements that activate this area of the house:

  • White and/or metallic colors such as gold and silver
  • The shape of a circle
  • A metal element
  • Accessories representing mothers, children and babies

"The couple needs to find items or pictures that represent children and parenting to them and put these items in this area," says Radaj. "For example, display a picture of happy parents with a baby in a circle-shaped, metal frame."

Preparing the bedroom

Arranging the main area of your house according to feng shui principles is helpful, but implementing fertility-friendly feng shui in the bedroom where the couple is trying to conceive can really enhance the conception efforts, says Whitehurst. There are several "over" and "under" components that should be put into place before trying to conceive. Whitehurst explains:


Turn the mattress, move the bed and vacuum underneath. Shift the bed a bit to the left or right when returning it to its original spot. "This is the feng shui gold standard for improving odds at successful conception," says Whitehurst.

Then stop cleaning

This is the last time any sort of under-the-bed cleaning should occur. Nix vacuuming there during the entire time you're trying to conceive, are pregnant and even for the first few weeks after baby is born. "This modality believes that the soul or ling of the future progeny circulates around you, especially when you are sleeping, as it endeavors to become a more physical part of the family. Nothing should disturb the energies under the bed while you're trying to get and stay pregnant."

Forget the fan

"No woman should ever sleep under a ceiling fan while trying to conceive," says Whitehurst. "This is believed to empty the energies around her solar plexus in such a way that nothing will be able to attach and/or grow there."

Go green

Sleeping on green sheets will heal any malady or remove any energy blockages that might be preventing conception from occurring while also allowing for a healthy pregnancy to implant.

Add company

Place a small image or statue of a dragon on the same side of the bed that the husband/father sleeps on to help harness his energies. "An elephant with the trunk down, placed at the foot of the door to the bedroom itself and facing as if it's walking into the room, has been a successful feng shui fertility secret for centuries," says Whitehurst. Placing a stone on the elephant's back may speed conception efforts (and may increase the odds of conceiving a boy). Others believe in petting the elephant's head for fertility luck whenever entering or exiting the space.

Healthy relationship area

Once your bedroom is fertility-ready, nurture the romance in your relationship with a little feng shui as well. Radaj doesn't advise activating the kids' area in the bedroom. "You don't want children coming between you and your spouse," she says.

She recommends focusing on the relationship area (the far right corner of the room when standing at the doorway looking into the space). According to Radaj, this area is activated by:

  • The color red
  • The Earth element
  • The shape of a square
  • Items place in twos or pairs (representing a couple)
  • Items that represent romance, sex and passion to the couple

Radaj suggests placing two red candles or two photos from the honeymoon or other romantic vacation in a red frame in that area of the room.

In addition, items unrelated to rest and romance should be removed from the bedroom. These include the computer, exercise equipment, pictures of family and friends, and even clutter in the closet, drawers and under the bed. "Clutter can manifest in anxiety, stress, being stuck in the past and procrastination," says Radaj.

Additional tips

Along with the fertility-friendly green sheets, other colors can affect fertility. Painting the wall behind the marital bed a light yellow can aid conception efforts. "This may be because the color most associated with fertility in feng shui is orange; yellow (the color of children energy) creates that color when blended with red," says Whitehurst. "It makes sense that using a bit of orange in the bedroom would influence and assist on a subconscious level." Just don't go overboard with orange; it's considered an aggressive, stimulating color that can prevent rest and relaxation if overly employed.

Whitehurst recommends displaying enhanced fertility symbols such as pomegranates or even baby animals. "One really interesting and pretty easy feng shui cure for fertility," Whitehurst shares, "is to allow several little children to jump to their heart's content on the couple's marital bed, thereby energizing it with necessary conception shui and energy."

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