Boost Your Man's Fertility

According to, male infertility is responsible about one-third of the time for difficulty in conceiving — about the same as female infertility. So, instead of women feeling like they hold all the cards when it comes to conceiving, men should undertake their share of the fertility-boosting efforts. Here are a few things your partner can do to improve things in his court.

male fertility

Curb the habit

Limit the intake of alcohol and tobacco. Both can hinder sperm production and health, so ask him to cut back, or even cut off, these habits at least until after you reach your goal of conception.

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Keep a healthy balance

Extra weight can curb a man’s fertility, but so can being underweight. An unhealthy body can hinder the production of reproductive hormones and reduce the count and health of sperm. Overdoing it with the workouts, however, will not only exhaust him, but it also will affect his sperm quality. The key is balance.

Stay cool

"The ideal temperature for sperm production in men is 94.2 degrees, or about three to four degrees lower than the core body temperature," advises Dr. D. Elan Simckes of Fertility Partnership. "Normally, the body can compensate for environmental changes to maintain ideal sperm production." Just in case, though, here are a few ways he can keep his family jewels from getting overheated:

  • Toss the tighty whities; opt for loose boxers and wear loose-fitting pants.
  • Skip prolonged dips in the hot tub and the bath, and opt for a shower.
  • Avoid the sauna and the steam room.

Day on, day off

Having sex every other day helps ensures that the healthiest of swimmers is delivered to your waiting eggs. Sperm deteriorates as it sits, so letting the little guys do their job when they are the healthiest will help your chances of conception.

Time it right

Research has shown that men have a higher sperm count in the morning than in the evening, but experts still are not sure if the time of day you try to conceive affects fertility. It may be worth a shot if you're both the morning type.

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Extra eats

Stock him up on vitamins A, C, E, plus folic acid, selenium and zinc; they are all thought to help with sperm production, function and health. Load his plate with lots of fruits and vegetables, or at least encourage him to take a multivitamin supplement to get these essential extras.

When to get help

If you're still having trouble conceiving after a year, men have many options to help with their side of the fertility responsibilities. "The advances in reproductive science have almost made male infertility nothing more than a nuisance," says Simckes. "If there are any sperm in the man, we can find them, inspect them, and inject them."

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Once you have both done all that you can to optimize your fertility, be patient and have fun trying!

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