These Fertility Tips Will Help Keep His Sperm Production Up And Running!

In order to get pregnant, a healthy sperm must meet a healthy egg. What you may not know is that there are a few basic practices that will keep his sperm production up and running!

by Monica Beyer


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Keep it cool

Avoiding heat is so important to sperm production. Reduce (or eliminate) time in hot tubs, saunas or hot showers. Keeping the testes away from excessive heat allows them to regulate their own temperature naturally, which is important for healthy sperm production. Heat causes a lower sperm count and slower movement of the sperm that are left behind, so keeping the area cool should be a high priority for the conceiving couple. It can also affect the shape of each sperm. Even using car seat warmers and laptops (on the lap, of course) aren't such "hot" ideas for the same reason.

Things to avoid

Bad habits may do more than just affect your health right now -- they can lead to fertility problems on both sides of the bed. Just as a woman who is trying to conceive should avoid smoking, drinking and using recreational drugs, so should her partner. Marijuana, for example, not only causes hormonal imbalances that can lead to sperm production issues, but it can also be toxic to the sperm itself. Sperm actually respond negatively to nicotine as well and smoker's sperm has a reduced ability to bind to the egg, which can prevent conception.

Even some doctor-prescribed medications can interfere with sperm production and quality (such as certain cancer-fighting drugs) so if you are trying to get pregnant you should mention this to your medical provider so recommendations can be made and alternative medications prescribed, if possible.

There are also certain environmental toxins that can damage sperm, such as pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals. Be sure to take proper precations to minimize exposure, especially if your job requires the use of chemicals such as these.

Healthy habits

Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly is not only essential to overall health but to sperm health as well. Researchers have found that too much body fat on a man can lead to lower sperm production and a higher percentage of abnormal sperm. Men should also take a complete multi-vitamin to ensure they are not slighting themselves on any needed nutrition, particularly folic acid and zinc. Regular exercise can reduce body weight and fat percentage, and can also help with stress reduction as well, but be sure to not overdo exercise -- as with so much of health and nutrition, moderation is key.

It can be fun to enter into a healthier lifestyle together. Explore new ways to work out with your partner -- whether it be a jog in the park or meeting in the gym after work. Experiment in the kitchen with new and healthy recipes. Keep cut-up vegetables in the fridge for a handy snack. Instead of keeping unhealthy snacks in the house (and within easy reach), make it a point to buy a single serving of a decadent dessert occasionally and hopefully avoid a full-blown junk food relapse!

Keep him active

Regular sex can actually improve sperm count and quality. Sperm is constantly being created and replinished and in this case, using it is not losing it. If he has been diagnosed with a low sperm count a man may be advised by a medical professional to limit sexual activity but if he has a normal sperm count you can get it more often if you want to. Avoid lubrications, though, because they can interfere with and even kill sperm (even saliva can).

Have fun with baby-making sex as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Your child will thank you for a terrific start to life and a healthy dad to see him grow up!


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