Boxers Or Briefs?

Does the type of underwear your partner wears have any real bearing on whether you will be able to achieve pregnancy? Obstetrical nurse Wanda F. Steele has some information.

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We have been trying to conceive for seven months now, and no luck. My husband asked if it could it be due to the fact that he wears briefs. Does this really matter?
— Lyn

The expert answers

Hi, Lyn —

I know seven months may seem like a long time, but when you are talking about infertility problems, I'm afraid it isn't. Most doctors recommend that you start checking for a problem if you have not become pregnant after a year of trying. When you consider everything that has to occur in the proper order at the proper time, etc., it is amazing that any eggs get fertilized!

I know that not getting pregnant when you want to be is no laughing matter, so let's talk about your husband's underwear. It has been shown that men who wear briefs may have a possibility of a lower sperm count than men who wear boxers. The scrotums and testicles of men who wear briefs are at or near body temperature, and they can produce a few less sperm. The reason for this is that the scrotum, by design, was made to hang down and not be up against the body, thereby keeping the testicles at a lower temperature than the rest of the body. Boxers allow the scrotum and testicles to be in the proper anatomical position for optimum sperm production.

I am certainly not advocating the use of any one style of men's underwear. After a proper sperm count is done on your husband and you have been thoroughly checked out, then the matter may be worthy of further consideration.

Good luck,


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