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Making a baby can take a little more finesse and planning than you might expect. OB-GYN Mark Kan explains when and how often you should have sex if you're trying to conceive.

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I checked an ovulation calendar and it said I was most fertile during two consecutive days. Should we try numerous times throughout those two days, or just once per day -- or what would be best? I heard that you shouldn't have sex every day when trying to conceive. Does this still apply during those ovulation days?

The expert answers:

Studies have shown that the best time to attempt intercourse for conception is the just prior to the release of the egg.

Ovulation occurs approximately 36 hours from the onset of the LH surge and 12 hours from the peak of the LH surge. When using home electronic ovulation monitors, the last day of high fertility to the first day of peak fertility is best.

The egg may live up to 24 hours, and the sperm, up to 3 days.

Attempting conception every day or every other day will give you a good chance around those times, provided you try before the egg is released.

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