Exercise And Conception

Lisa Stone, an ACE-certified pre-and post-natal fitness instructor, has some information on how exercise can affect your pregnancy.

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I am concerned about preconception and exercise. I exercise moderately and am trying to conceive. Will the exercise affect my chances of getting pregnant? — TaeJa, Indianapolis

The expert answers

According to research by Dr. James Clapp, author of Exercising Through Your Pregnancy, moderate (when you are breathing heavily and can carry on a conversation) to vigorous exercise (when you are breathing heavily, can carry on a breathy conversation but would rather not) should not affect your ability to conceive as long as you're having regular periods -- which means you're ovulating -- and are at a normal weight.

And, exercising now, before you get pregnant, and continuing to exercise throughout your pregnancy should reduce many of the negative symptoms of pregnancy -- such as nausea, sleeplessness, shortness of breath, lower-back discomfort or pain and nasal congestion -- and make for a shorter labor and quicker recovery. Keep up the good work, and I'll be thinking pregnancy thoughts for you!

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