The Pill And Fertility

Learn about the ways the birth control pill an preserve fertility.

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Can the pill help preserve a woman's fertility?

The answer is yes, according to one doctor. Dr. Samuel Wood, a reproductive endocrinologist, says that taking birth control pills, beginning in your 20's, reduces the chance of being infertile later, reduces the chance of having a miscarriage and reduces the chance of having a stillbirth. He further says that people are worried about having a lower fertility after stopping the pill, but that's not necessarily the case. Hormones can surge after coming off the pill, causing more eggs to release. Dr. Wood says that if you conceive within three to six months after stopping the pill, you increase your chances of having fraternal twins by 70%! Dr. Wood also says that there aren't many long-term risks from taking the pill. Watch the video for the full story. What do you think?

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