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Australian Faith Haugh has undergone the egg-harvesting procedure 41 times. Nineteen children have been born as a result. Why does she do it?

The risks and rewards of egg donation

Certainly, you've heard of women donating their eggs to couples who aren't able to conceive with the Faith Haughwoman's own eggs. To donate her eggs, a woman must go through a process of injections to stimulate egg production, followed by egg retrieval. This is accomplished by extracting the eggs with a long needle. Side effects from the hormones used to stimulate egg production include tension and pressure in the ovarian area, abdominal swelling, bruising at the injection sites, mood swings and (temporary) menopause-like symptoms.

Risks include ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). This can be life-threatening in the worst cases. In other cases, it can cause dehydration, kidney damage and blood-clotting disorders. Other rare but serious complications, such as adnexol torsion, can occur. (Source)

In the U.S., the egg-donation procedure is compensated at generally between $5,000 and $10,000 per cycle. The American Society of Reproductive Medicine maintains that anything over $10,000 is unethical.

Haugh: a true donor

Do the math, and you might conclude that Faith Haugh made some bank. Forty-one procedures at $5,000 to $10,000 each is a lot of money; however, Faith Haugh made exactly zero dollars from her egg donations. She lives in Australia, where it is illegal to receive compensation for egg donation. Haugh is the biological mother to 19 children simply because she wants to help women who otherwise wouldn't be able to carry a child.

"For me, the most amazing thing is the parents", she told the Daily Mail. "I see these people from the start, when they think that they have little or no chance of having a child. They sit across from me, looking very tense and defeated and not holding out much hope."

She began donating 17 years ago and has been very fortunate in that she hasn't experienced any side effects from the hormone injections, nor has she had any complications. Many believe she holds the world record for the most egg donations. In the U.S., an egg donor usually can undergo around six donation cycles.

Haugh is a (parenting) mom to one child from a former relationship. Her daughter is 22 and has a daughter of her own, so Haugh is also a grandmother. She is married to a man who donates his sperm and is the biological father of four children through sperm donation. Read more on this interesting story at the Daily Mail.

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