Know Before You Miss Your Period

Even before you miss a period, you may be able to spot some early signs of pregnancy. Below are a few.

Super early signs of pregnancy

Tender breasts

Many women experience tender, slightly painful breasts when they're first pregnant. The sensation is similar to what you feel just before you get your period.


Once you're pregnant, your body starts working around the clock to build a supportive environment for your baby. Your heart pumps harder, your body temperature rises, and fatigue can set in very quickly.

Food or smoke aversion

Pregnant women quit smoking more easily than others, in short because their bodies tell them to. Many pregnant women — even long-term smokers — experience smoke aversion. It's the same with food: If foods you usually like suddenly sound terrible to you or make you feel icky, you could be pregnant.


Some women experience headaches early on due to the rise in progesterone.

Frequent bathroom trips

Having to pee all the time is most often associated with late pregnancy. Early pregnancy, however, causes your uterus to swell and increases your blood flow, which in turn sends you to the bathroom frequently during the first weeks of pregnancy.

If you have any of these symptoms, take an early pregnancy test or see your healthcare provider. If your pregnancy test comes back negative and you continue to have pregnancy symptoms, talk to your doctor again. You might have had a false negative test, or you might have an issue that's not related to pregnancy.

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