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    Reshape your baby's ears

    Thanks to a UK doctor, parents can help their babies avoid future ear surgery with a medical device used at home. Would you use it...
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    First Valentine's Day with Baby

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    Your first Valentine's Day with a new baby brings an entirely new element of love to your Feb. 14 celebration. Celebrate the new...
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    Skin-to-skin with Daddy

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    Fathers (or partners) who get skin-to-skin time with their newborns in the first 24 hours report bonding better with their babies....
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    Making the cut: Circumcision care

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    While circumcision can be a controversial topic in the parenting realm, I have found less information on how to actually care for a...
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    Newborn safety in the hospital

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    Infant abductions from the hospital make headlines almost every day. So just what protocols are in place to protect your newborn?
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    Is that my baby?

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    The childbirth books all rave about that fuzzy, warm glow that happens when you set eyes on your baby for the first time. For some...
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    Skin-to-skin with your baby

    In the first few minutes after birth the most important thing to your baby is not his APGAR score or his weight — it’s you.
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    Your baby’s first day

    Your baby endures a lot during her first hours of life — from her first bath to her first meal. Be prepared and learn about what you...