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    Essential oils and babies

    Every time I get on Facebook, I am invited to yet another "essential oil" party. But what is the movement? And is it safe for babies?
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    Decay in baby teeth on the rise

    New statistics reveal the alarming amount of tooth decay that is happening in kids' first teeth. It is among the most common...
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    Hemoglobin: The new test for babies

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    I waltzed into my son's 1-year checkup a few months ago feeling like an old pro. With two kids before him, I had this checkup down...
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    Colic woes: What can you do to help?

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    Colic is the bane of every new mother’s new parenthood — and her baby’s as well. Read on for a few ideas on what you can do to help...
  5. Immunizations

    The 4-1-1 on pertussis

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    The pertussis season is upon us, but many moms don’t know how they can help protect their family from this potentially deadly...
  6. Sick baby

    RSV season: What you need to know

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    RSV season brings along a potentially serious infection for young infants. You’ll need to know what danger signs to look for and...
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    The top 5 infant ailments

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    Learn the symptoms and the best ways to remedy these conditions that are common in babies, ranging from spitting up to diarrhea.
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    Sugar water for infant pain relief

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    Your instinct is to shield your bundle of joy from suffering, yet vaccinations, tests and circumcisions are routine. But, you may be...
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    Cry it out

    In a recent interview with Robert Sears, M.D., author of The Portable Pediatrician book and app , I asked about the practice of...