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    Baby doctor questions to ask

    When looking for a pediatrician, you'll want to have a set line of question you'll use for all of them....
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    10 ways to get your baby talking

    Eager to hear your baby utter her first words? Although parenthood has taught us all that you can’t force a baby or toddler to do...
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    Skin changes during pregnancy

    During pregnancy you may notice one or more skin changes. Typical skin changes include the following: Chloasma, usually is called...
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    Swine flu: is your baby at risk?

    Swine flu panic appears to be sweeping the nation, and it's not entirely uncalled for. The Centers for Disease Control...
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    Really loud poops!

    Something surprising about babies is how flipping loud their bowel movements can be. If you're not prepared it can throw...
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    15 Ways to green your pregnancy

    With Earth Day right around the corner and the green, eco-conscious movement in full swing, many moms and moms-to-be are looking...
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    Can you smoke while breastfeeding

    Smoking, we all know, is a super bad habit that causes multiple health issues for both the smoker and anyone...
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    Newborn eye medication drops

    Eye medication is the norm for babies born in hospitals, although many home birthed babies also receive eye medication. Is...
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    Ditch the baby powder

    Advertising would have you believe that baby powder is essential for a dry, happy, and sweetly scented baby, but you...
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    Tips for a healthy vegetarian pregnancy

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    Expectant moms need a variety of nutrients to have a healthy pregnancy. If you’re a vegetarian here are some tips from Elizabeth...
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    Breast milk as medicine!

    We all know breast milk is a super food for babies, but breast milk is good for more than nutrition....