Is There Any Truth To Baby Astrology?

Is the answer to your baby's future in the stars?


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Sometimes I have to admit that I am fascinated by the accuracy of my horoscope. My sign (Taurus) describes me to a T in a lot of ways — stubborn, loyal, a major homebody — so it got me thinking about how astrology might affect my baby's personality. Could the stars give me the answers as to why she never sleeps during the day and is already sassing me at 6 months?

To find out, I talked to Ophira and Tali Edut, the identical "AstroTwins" behind Momstrology, a site they created to provide a “spiritual toolbox” for parents aiming to raise self-aware and mindful children. "It’s for mystical mamas and divine dads who want to reconcile their personal identities with their new roles as parents," their site reads. The AstroTwins gave me a little insight into the mysterious world of babies and astrology.

How is a baby's sign determined?

According to Ophira, a baby's sign is based on the exact time, date and place of birth. So while I wondered what would happen if a baby was born premature or maybe the due date was miscalculated, she assures me that the baby's actual date of arrival is what stamps him or her in the correct astrological sign. "We get asked that often, but it doesn’t matter," she explains. "The moment you enter the world as a human being gives you your zodiac sign. Whether premature, a C-section or natural delivery… doesn’t matter!"

What are the major characteristics for each sign a parent should be aware of?

Honestly, I can barely remember the names of my four children, so to try and be aware of the different peculiarities of each of their signs presents a challenge. (Two of my kids are even the same sign as me, so I wonder what that says about us... ) Luckily for all of us forgetful mamas, the AstroTwins provided us this cheat sheet for some key personality traits your little one may display as he or she grows:

  • Aries: Independent, bossy, needs lots of solo attention
  • Taurus: Stubborn, determined, loves nice things
  • Gemini: Talkative, curious, needs lots of variety
  • Cancer: Home loving, can be shy, family oriented
  • Leo: Proud, showy, loyal, needs affection and praise
  • Virgo: Organized, likes to help/please, perfectionist
  • Libra: Dreamy, artistic, procrastinates, hates to be rushed
  • Scorpio: Intense, focused, uncompromising, knows what he wants, distrustful
  • Sagittarius: Loud, outspoken, restless, adventurous
  • Capricorn: Orderly, loyal, can be stoic and competitive, hard on herself
  • Aquarius: Quirky, rebellious, needs to march to his own beat
  • Pisces: Imaginative, highly sensitive, needs her emotions nurtured

Can knowing your baby's sign help you navigate some tricky situations as he or she grows?

Absolutely, says Ophira. "You see, often the parents’ signs are not easily compatible with the child’s sign, and even when they are, you still need to navigate the delicate dynamics between your signs," she explains.

She gives the example of a Cancer mom who was traditional and frilly and feminine, who came for advice on her tomboyish, independent Sagittarius daughter. "She didn’t want to do any of the girly stuff this mom had hoped to bond over," Ophira says. "We helped her understand that, as a sensitive Cancer, she was taking her daughter’s lack of interest in fashion and American Girl dolls personally — even as a rejection. She was also kind of putting her daughter’s independence down, and we encouraged her to instead cultivate leadership opportunities for her free-spirited little Sag girl."

She explains that they worked with the mom to help her and her daughter find common ground through Girl Scouts. "The outdoorsy and enterprising Sag daughter could go camping and sell cookies, and mom could still feel connected and part of her daughter’s life," Ophira notes.

OK, so this is all well and good, but really — is there any truth to any of it? Ophira maintains that it's important to recognize that there is a lot more to horoscopes and signs than meets the eye. "Most people read their horoscopes in a newspaper and think it’s light and fluffy, or that it’s the same thing as a psychic reading," she says. "But there is a whole complex system, and it goes way deeper than just your sun sign (which is what is covered in general horoscopes)." For skeptics (Ophira claims that she and her sister were once skeptics too), she recommends doing your whole birth chart, which you can map for free.

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