Confused By All The Baby Wraps?

With the addition of my fourth baby to our 6-and-under crowd, I knew that a baby wrap would be an inevitable part of my future.

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I had somehow managed through three kids without the use of a baby wrap, although I had been blessed to have babies who all wanted to be held. All the time. I muddled through with the addition of one incredibly buff bicep and the generous use of a hiking backpack when my giant son deemed it necessary.

But even while I could see the appeal of a baby wrap — so cozy, so cute, babies love them — I had always been way too intimated to try one. They looked like they required some NASA-worthy instructions, 50 feet of fabric and some serious flexibility to pull off.

As my due date approached, however, I decided to give it a go. I did the internet version of closing my eyes and pointing and bought the first one I thought was cute. And I'm so glad I did. Now that I've finally broken into the mysterious world of baby wraps, allow me to break it down for you.

The Boba wrap

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The Boba (in a stylish gray and white Stardust pattern) is the wrap that I have been using and I absolutely love it. It was way more affordable than some of the other wraps I came across and it seemed pretty versatile in that I could use it even beyond the newborn days. Although I largely ordered it because I thought it was cute, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to use — I had to read through the directions a few times and watch the helpful tutorial video on their website before I really got the hang of it, but now I can whip that thing on in less than 10 seconds. Case in point to how well the Boba wrap works? Last week, I used it to successfully pull off a work trip to Chicago with four kids in tow and, last night, I snuggled my daughter in it while on a date with my husband at the movie theater. Not too shabby. (, $38)

The Moby wrap

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A friend let me use her Moby wrap to try it out and it's very similar to the Boba in that it's one long piece of fabric that you wrap around yourself to hold the baby in. The main difference I found between the Moby and the Boba was that the Boba fabric was a little stretchier. There are two different schools of thought for baby wraps: stretchy or not-so-stretchy fabric and it's really a personal preference. I like the stretchier fabric but it does require fastening the wrap a little tighter. The Moby wrap also has a ton of adorable options. (, $45-$65)

The Ergobaby wrap

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The Ergobaby wrap also got top reviews in my unofficial walk down baby wrap lane. "My son is now 15 months and 27 pounds," says mom Jennifer Steele. "It is the best purchase I ever made and I still use it comfortably!
" The Ergo boasts superior fabric with just the right amount of stretch and it can be used as the baby grows. "The Ergo has excellent support, plus a little head cover for when they need to nap in it (or for rain) and they can sit in it up to 35 pounds, so it lasts way longer," raves Kara Jean. (, $80)

Ring Slings

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Many of the moms that I spoke to also had good things to say about using a ring sling for the newborn stage of babyhood. Brands like hotslings and Seven Slings often run coupon codes too, so you can pick one up at a discounted price. Slings can be versatile to hold older infants as well, and they allow a little more "breathing room," so they may be more comfortable for warmer-weather climates. (, $65)

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