Baby, Can You Believe It?

Newborns are sweet little bundles of joy and idiosyncrasy. Next time you swaddle your newborn's chubby little legs or smell her wisps of hair, try to remember that you're holding a miraculous and totally strange little creature.

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Newborn boys and girls aren't 50/50

Many parents assume that they're just as likely to conceive a girl as they are to conceive a boy. But across the globe, there are about 105 boys born for every 100 girls, which means that human beings are slightly more likely to conceive boys than girls.


Newborns don't cry tears

If they're not crying tears, then what on earth is all the crying for? Surprisingly, newborns can cry with their lungs but not with their tear ducts for at least three weeks following birth. They only make enough tears to lubricate their eyes.


Newborns have 100 billion brain neurons

Your baby was born with as many brain cells — otherwise known as neurons — as he will ever have. He'll spend the next years of his life forming connections between his many brain cells. With 100 billion neurons, he can probably even get away with wasting a few on video games and television.


Newborns need glasses

Don't run to the eye doctor, though. Most newborn babies have 20/400 vision, but there's a reason their eyesight is so poor. Your child's terrible vision allows him to focus most astutely on objects just 8-12 inches from his face, which is perfect for gazing into your eyes while bottle- or breastfeeding. Most babies develop 20/20 vision by the time they reach six months of age.


Newborns prefer high-contrast colors

Ditch the pastel blues and pinks of traditional nursery decor. You can blame it on your newborn's terrible vision, but he or she strongly prefers contrasting colors like black and white to softer color schemes.


Newborns have no kneecaps

We could hardly believe it, either, but newborns come into the world without kneecaps. Instead, they have an arrangement of cartilage that takes the place of the kneecap until the bone grows in at about six months of age.


Newborns have giant heads

Don't blame your baby for having a wobbly neck. You'd have trouble controlling your head, too, if it accounted for one-quarter of your entire body weight. You read that correctly: A full 25-30 percent of your newborn baby's weight is in her giant (beautiful) head.


Newborns have extra bones

How can this be, you ask? Your newborn's bones fuse together as she grows, which turns the 300 bones she's born with into just 206 bones by the time she reaches adulthood.


Newborns know their mom's voice

Your little one is hardwired to recognize your voice as the most beautiful sound in the world, even from the moment of birth. She will respond to your voice more quickly and with more focus than she will to any other sound.


Most newborns are summer babies

Although a crazy ton of babies are born throughout the year, the most common months of birth are July, August and September. Backtrack nine months, and it appears that the most popular months of conception are in the dead of winter. Looks like parents everywhere escape the boredom of ice and snow storms with a roll in the hay.

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