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Thanks to popular baby videos on YouTube, sometimes a little laugh can remind you why the journey called parenthood is worth the trials and tribulations. From talking twin babies to the sleeping Gangnam style baby video, take a break from pulling out your hair and watch these top viral baby videos on YouTube.

Talking twin babies

With more than 80 million views, this viral YouTube video with two chatty toddlers sparked a whole stream of parody baby videos that deciphered what the youngsters were really saying. You can also see where it all started with Talking Twin Babies - PART 1 or see how these two cuties have grown on


Baby laughing hysterically at ripping paper

Any time you can get a belly laugh out of a baby and catch it on camera is priceless! Check out this viral baby video that proves that babies are easy to entertain once you get to know them.


Golden eagle snatches kid

Despite the fact that this video was simply a project created by students at Montreal's Centre NAD, the viral viewings of the eagle and baby did however spark a scholarship fund at the school. Warning — contains adult language.


Dragon baby

Your bundle of joy may be the sweetest little guy you've ever met, but even you secretly hope that your kiddo has these hidden talents come preschool if ever confronted by a bully — stuffed or otherwise!


Gangnam style dancing baby

While there has been a tidal wave of spoofs that followed this song's viral video of YouTube fame, it is the adorable dancing babies like the one in this viral baby video that put all the rest of those videos to shame!


Twins dancing to Daddy's guitar

These infant twins may be biased about their dad's musical talents, but there's no mistaking that their cuteness earned every one of the more than 15 million views of this popular baby video on YouTube.


Babies eating lemons for the first time

Come on, you know you've done it to your own kids, too! So there's no shame in laughing at this mashup of babies' reactions to eating lemons for the first time.


Unbelievable toddler does trick shots

Whether or not you like basketball, you only have to be a fan of viral baby videos to love this tot's talent! At less than two years of age, this little hoop shooter is destined for the NBA.


Twins mimic Daddy's sneeze

Regardless of how young your kiddos are, here's proof that they always are capable of mocking you at any moment.


Peacefully sleeping... until her favorite song comes on!

While this popular baby video did not get as many hits as the featured song, this viral YouTube video confirms that it's okay to wake a sleeping baby — so long as it's with her favorite song!

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