Get Some Sleep!

Most new moms have two things in common. They’re all happier than they’ve ever been, and they’re all more tired than they ever thought possible.

Sleeping baby

Believe it or not, your baby will sleep… eventually. Use these six baby sleep solutions to help that happen sooner, rather than later!

Establish a sleep routine

Teach your baby to recognize when it’s getting close to bedtime, so he knows when it’s time to wind down. Get into a routine — such as bath, pajamas, bottle and then book. If he knows when bedtime is coming, he won’t be so upset when it arrives. Also, his body will get used to the routine, so he’ll start to feel tired as soon as he recognizes the actions. It’s important to keep up the routine every night to establish a pattern.

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Put him to bed tired

Putting a wide-awake baby to bed will probably just result in a wide-awake, fussy baby. Soothe him until he’s tired, and place him in bed just before he drifts off. Falling asleep in the crib and not in your arms will teach him to soothe himself to sleep, instead of being rocked to sleep by you. This will be a big help when he wakes up in the middle of the night!

Take a bath

You know the calming power of a warm bath, right? Use that knowledge to help your baby catch some ZZZs. Set him up in a tub of warm water and let him splash and play to his heart’s content. Make sure the room is warm so he doesn’t get chilled when you take him out, and he’ll be mellow and ready for bed.

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Give him a massage

There’s nothing like a good massage after a warm bath to get your little one ready for dreamland. Make sure the room is warm, and use your baby’s lotion to create a smoother rub-down. Use lavender-scented lotions for even more sleep-inducing power.

Fill him up

Babies that are 4 months old or younger need to eat every few hours, so plan on waking up a few times a night while your baby is tiny. After four months, though, you can start trying to train him to sleep longer between meals. Give him a larger feeding than usual before bed, and if he ate an hour or more before bedtime, give him a little more just before you put him down to “top him off” and help him sleep longer.

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Get to bed early

At this point, Mom, you're probably so tired you could fall asleep standing. Your baby isn't wired that way. If he gets overly tired, he gets upset about being tired — and upset babies stay awake. Get your baby to bed at a reasonable time while he’s sleepy, but not too tired to sleep.

Quick tip

Try setting the mood for sleep with this It's a Small World lavender room spray.

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