Steady, Baby!

Sure, Baby can sit up on your lap or otherwise assisted, but sitting on his own is a big milestone that requires a lot of skill from Baby.

Baby sitting up

Mastering the milestones

Sitting up is one of the most exciting milestones in Baby’s first year. But before he can start to sit up on his own (usually around five to six months of age), he’ll need to master a few other milestones first.

Baby will need to be able to hold his neck steady as well as be able to maintain control over his shoulders, legs and lower back. He will probably begin to sit first with his hands on the ground in front of him to stabilize his position. This is referred to as the “tripod position.”

By about seven months of age, he should be able to sit up without the use of his hands and have the ability to hold a toy, spoon or bottle while he sits unassisted.

Encourage Baby to sit unassisted

Help Baby get the hang of the sitting position by stacking pillows around him or utilizing a nursing pillow or Bumbo seat (make sure you get the recall kit with seatbelt strap).

Safe sitting

When Baby starts sitting on his own, you’ll need to prepare for another level of safety and baby-proofing. Make sure you buckle Baby into all seating equipment from her high chair to her stroller (and put the brakes on when not in motion) to her swing. Since she has now mastered so many milestones, she may be powerful enough to knock them over.

Now is also a good time to move your baby’s crib to the lowest level to ensure he can’t get out or reach up to grab his mobile, which he could pull down and accidentally become entangled in.

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