Smile For Mommy!

That first real smile is one of the sweetest early milestones you and your baby will experience. You can encourage Baby to smile with your own smiles, silly faces and fun songs.

Baby smiling

First smiles

Can you believe that your baby’s first smile may happen in the womb even before he’s born? Research of ultrasounds can prove it! Studies also show that babies can smile upon birth and more often than not during waking up and bedtime, but these early smiles are not necessarily an emotional reaction.

Emotional smiles

After about a month, babies can start to respond to environmental stimuli. You can expect to see a smile from Baby that is the result of a response to something you do at about six to 10 weeks. At this stage, his smile is likely to come from something audible, such as your voice as you sing or read to or coo at your baby.

Bring on the smiles

Between two and three months, you can expect Baby to smile in response to your face as well as your voice and even make eye contact with you as she smiles. To encourage Baby to smile, try the following tips:

  • Smile at Baby — a lot!
  • Make silly faces
  • Sing funny songs
  • Make eye contact — Between six and eight weeks, your Baby’s ability to make eye contact with you should be developed. This is a great time to combine making eye contact with Baby while trying to encourage his grin. If you notice Baby hasn’t made eye contact with you by about three months, you may want to check in with his pediatrician to ensure there isn’t a visual issue at hand.

Keep smile sessions short

Keep in mind that Baby can easily get stimulated at this stage, so cut your smile sessions short or she may get over stimulated. If she starts to look away or stops responding to your smiles, give her a break until she re-engages.

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