Moms Who Opt To Breastfeed Their Babies Do Not Have To Abandon The Idea Of Bottle Feeding. You Can Do Both.

Moms who opt to breastfeed their babies do not have to abandon the idea of bottle feeding. You can do both.

By: Mary Fetzer

1Adjusting to formula

Some breastfed babies experience constipation or hardening of the stools when they begin formula. To help prevent this, be sure to continue with regular breastfeeding and consider adding breast milk to the formula to aid baby’s digestion.

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2Latching on

It’s wise to wait until the baby’s latch is well-developed before introducing the bottle -- this can be anywhere from four to five weeks old. Note how your baby’s lips are positioned on your nipple when she nurses, and look for a bottle nipple that mimics the breast.

3Turning it over to Dad

Your breastfed baby is really tuned in to the feel, smell and sound of you. For this very reason, you may find that the baby takes the bottle better from Dad, Grandma or anyone who isn’t Mom. At least until she gets the hang of it. And it’s such a great way for Dad to do his own bonding with the baby.

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Some babies prefer bottle over breast when they’re teething. Babies have to work a little harder to get milk from the breast, and it can be painful on those tender, swollen gums.

When you’re the baby’s soul source of food, you may find that it’s difficult to come and go as you please. Running errands can be difficult. And in the middle of the night, it’s all you. It’s very liberating when your baby accepts a bottle.

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