Your Newborn Baby May Not Be Talking (And You Are Still Waiting For That First Tiny Smile) But There Ways You Can Bond And Form A Strong Connection With Your Newborn Baby.

Your newborn baby may not be talking (and you are still waiting for that first tiny smile) but there ways you can bond and form a strong connection or attachment with your newborn baby.
Kim Grundy

Kangaroo care

Studies have shown the benefits that kangaroo, or skin-to-skin contact, has on newborn babies. In fact, an Australian mom brought her premature baby back from death by holding him close for 2 hours! While breastfeeding or bottle feeding baby, unwrap him and place him on your bare chest or spend time cuddling with him after his bath.

 “Mom's body is the newborn baby's natural habitat,” says Stephanie Larson, certified birth doula and founder of Dancing For Birth. “When mom and baby are in skin-to-skin contact, they are attuned and mom's body naturally helps baby regulate his or her breathing, temperature, and heart rate. With kangaroo care, including nurturing touch, mom and baby are flooded with the "love hormone" oxytocin.”

Attend to his needs

Because babies cannot talk, they communicate through talking. If baby starts crying, go to him and figure out why he is crying. Is he hungry? Wet diaper? Overstimulated? Too hot or cold? By attending to his needs you are letting him know he is loved and you will care for him.  “When babies' need for comfort, touch, breastfeeding and being held are met, it teaches them how to trust and to form loving relationships. Healthy attachment in infancy and childhood leads to young adults who are able to be independent,” says Larson.

Read to him

Even though your baby will not understand the story, he will love to hear your voice talking to him. Show him pictures of the book and point out pictures as you tell him the story.

Baby Massage

The power of touch is amazing – and you can use baby massage to comfort baby and even help relieve gas and improve digestion.  Find out here how to do a baby massage.


Babywearing through the use of an upright carrier, like the Baby Bjorn, or a sling is a great way to form a bond with baby. They love being close to you and putting them at your height level gives them a new perspective on what they are seeing. Go for a walk and talk to baby –pointing out the trees, flowers and animals. Your baby will love it!

Get tips here on the proper use of a baby sling.

Dancin’ baby

Hold baby or put him in a baby carrier and put on your favorite music and dance! Your baby will love hearing the music and feeling the rhythm. Many moms say this is how they calm a fussy, crying baby!

Face time

Your baby will love looking at your face and into your eyes. Indulge your little one by spending time looking into his eyes and talking, singing – or even just making goofy faces. Who knows? He may even surprise you with a smile, coo or laugh!

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