If You Are Like Many New Moms, Nothing Is More Difficult Or Frustrating Than Dealing With The Annoyed Glares Of Strangers As You Try To Calm Your Crying Baby. With Airplanes Threatening A "Family Seating" Section To Keep Screaming Kids Away From The

If you are like many new moms, nothing is more difficult or frustrating than dealing with the annoyed glares of strangers as you try to calm your crying baby. With airplanes threatening a "family seating" section to keep screaming kids away from the rest of the passengers, as well as the North Carolina restaurant owner who has banned screaming kids, it is no surprise that many new moms are feeling more stressed than ever to keep their child content and happy when out in public. Our tips may help you figure out why your baby is crying so you can help her be the happy baby you know she is.
Kim Grundy

Crying baby

Because babies can't talk, they use crying as a form of communication. Your job is to figure out what she is trying to tell you.

Try these 10 tricks to stop your baby from crying in public:

1. Attend to baby's needs

"How does a baby get his or her needs met? By crying at the top of his or her lungs," says Kim Olver, author of Leveraging Diversity at Work and Secrets of Happy Couples .  If the baby has good enough parents, parents respond to this tantrum by getting the baby what he or she needs. This teaches the baby that crying is a great way to get what he or she needs. I worked 17 years with a specialized foster care agency. A baby who is neglected when he or she cries, soon learns crying is ineffective and he or she won't cry even when hurt."

2. Keep baby on a schedule

By having your baby on a regular sleeping and feeding schedule, you can be assured that she is getting the right amount of food and rest to her happy. Plus, by knowing when she is ready for her next meal or nap, you can plan your outing for when baby is well-fed and well-rested.

Get tips here on a typical healthy baby schedule.

3. Feed baby

 It sounds obvious, but babies are growing fast and need to be fed every 1 1/2 - 3 hours.Whether you are breastfeeding baby or bottle feeding baby, if your baby starts crying in public she may be telling you it is time to eat. If she pushes the breast or bottle away, it's time to consider what else could be causing her to cry.

4. Change her diaper

Is baby's diaper wet? Many babies don't like sitting in a soiled diaper. Do you blame them? Or maybe the diaper is too tight and uncomfortable. Either way, changing her diaper may give her the relief (or even the change of environment) she is needing to put her in good mood.

5. Consider a babysitter

“Planning ahead, getting a sitter, or going when kids are well rested and fed is much better than spur of the moment shopping with children!”  says Teresa Bell Kindred -Teacher, author and freelance writer of nanahood.com

6. Is baby over stimulated?

If you are someplace loud or bright, your baby may be crying because she is over stimulated.  If she is in a stroller or baby carrier, place a lightweight blanket over the front to block out some of the light or noise.  If this doesn’t help, it may be time to take your baby someplace quieter (such as outside or in a different room) until she calms down.

7. Is baby too hot? Too cold?

Many new moms have a tendency to overdress baby.  Look at what you are wearing and see how that compares to what baby is wearing.  When indoors, your baby can wear the same number of layers as you to stay warm. When outdoors, make sure you keep your infant’s head covered in a hat.

If all else fails and your baby is crying, it may be time to cut your shopping trip short and head home.

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