Check Out These 6 Easy Steps To Swaddle Your Baby To Instantly Calm And Make Her Feel Secure. Video Instructions On Swaddling A Baby Are Also Included.

Commonly dubbed “the fourth trimester,” the first three months after your baby makes her grand entrance into your life can be a lot for your bundle of joy to adjust to. However, helping your baby transition from the warm confines of the womb to the outside world can be easier if you swaddle your sweetheart. Looking for a way to calm your fussy infant, or simply give her a comfortable cocoon? Read on to find out how to swaddle a baby.
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9 months of womb time
If you know that your baby is not hungry, wet or tired, swaddling could be the answer to your wee little one’s needs. “Swaddling is the perfect way for a newborn to get a sense of inner sensory organization and reenact their womb-space experience,” explains pediatric occupational therapist Rachel Rudman, MSOTR/L. “The neurologic effect of swaddling can create this comforting feeling for up to 4 hours.”

It is not just the in-womb experience that these little ones crave. For many newborn babies, naps and nighttime sleep are interrupted by gold old fashioned reflexes. To reduce the likelihood that your little princess will sabotage her own sweet dreams, experts such as Amy Hubbuch, RN and Certified Childbirth Educator, Baptist Hospital, Nashville, Tennessee commonly advises parents to, "…swaddle their newborn loosely with a light cotton blanket. Swaddling has been shown to improve sleep by decreasing the likelihood of the baby waking up when the startle reflex occurs.” Once the startle reflexes are subdued, your newborn will likely get more face time with the sandman.

Swaddling products
Not sure that you can master the art of swaddling? Worry not! There are products on the market that make it easy to swaddle your little princess, like the SwaddleMe by Kiddopotamus. With a few quick motions and a little Velcro, your baby goes from squirming to bundled in seconds. Swaddling products can be found at most major retailers or your favorite baby store, but can also be purchased online.

Swaddling technique
Most commonly, parents simply use a large receiving blanket or other non-bulky material to wrap their babe. To wrap your little one in the most common swaddle fold, the first step in creating your burrito baby is to lay out your blanket on a flat surface. Then, follow these steps:

1. Position the blanket in a diamond shape
2. Fold down the top corner towards the middle, about 6 inches or so
3. Lay baby on top of the blanket with her head just above the fold
4. Pull one corner of the blanket across your little one’s chest, slightly over and down one shoulder and covering the same arm; tuck under opposite exposed arm
5. Pull bottom corner up and tuck into first fold at baby’s chest, covering the feet
6. Pull remaining corner of blanket over the exposed shoulder, across your bundle of joy’s chest and tuck underneath your neat little package. Make sure your baby's nose and mouth are not covered by the blanket.

If your pea in the pod doesn’t seem keen on being restricted, try leaving one arm or both arms out for self soothing, swaddling her from her arm pits down to bundle your baby while giving her the freedom she craves. If your baby still does not seem keen on being wrapped, try swaddling your bundle of joy loosely. “The blanket will [still] help to contain those "jerky" movements that occur from that reflex,” says Hubbuch.

There are many different ways to swaddle your newborn, so use the technique that is right for you. As your sweetie pie gets older, limit swaddling to naps and nighttime. That way, she is free to fine tune her motor development and reach for your face to let you know that you are the one she loves!

Video: How to swaddle a baby

Check out the video below for additional step-by-step instructions on swaddling a baby:

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