Unique Baby Name Ideas For Your Baby Girl Or Boy, Including Celebrity Baby Names, Creative Baby Name Spellings, Destination Baby Names And Exotic Baby Names.

Are you looking for a unique baby name for your baby girl or boy? It seems like standing out in a crowd is becoming the popular thing to do these days. And, if you follow the trends that parents-to-be are making more and more this decade, then baby names are no exception. Don’t be surprised when you read on and find that most of these names are not on the top 10 lists!
Michelle Bruns Maffei

As names become more popular, more parents begin to shy away from the names on the top baby names list, even if it’s one of their favorites. Here are a few names to consider when giving your baby-on-board a unique name.

Destination baby bames
Becoming even more popular than taking a babymoon is naming your pea in the pod after a place. Some girl getaway names to consider are London, Brooklyn (New York Borough), Cambria (Whales), Aspen (meaning Quaking Tree), Aja (pronounced Asia, meaning To Drive, Propel), America (Home Ruler), Berlin (meaning swamp), Ireland (Land of Eriu), Isla (Scottish island), and Venice (From Venetia).

Out-of-town labels for boys include Kolten (meaning coal town), Austin (meaning great), Arlington (Town of Alffrith, Alfred or Eorl), Brentwood (woods by the steep hill), Briscoe (birch wood), Camden (From The Valley Of The Camps), and Orlando (famous country).

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Creative spelling of your baby name
Giving your bundle of joy a name that is familiar doesn’t have to mean you’ve sold out on your uniqueness angle. Making your baby unique can be as simple as changing the way you choose to record it on their birth certificate! Alternate spellings for some common girl names include Khloe (alternate spelling of Chloe, meaning verdant and blooming), Carle (alternate spelling of Carly, and is diminutive form of Carlotta), Marlee (alternate spellingof Marly, which is a combination of Mary and Lee), Averi (alternate spelling of Avery, meaning elf ruler), and Wynter (alternative spelling for Winter, meaning the season).

Put a twist on your little boy's name with alternative spellings like Kristian (literally meaning Christian), Jakob (alternate spelling of Jacob, meaning supplanter), Jayson (alternate spelling of Jason, meaning healer), or Maxx (alternate spelling for Max, meaning greatest).

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Last names first
Having your little princess carry on the family name such as Kennedy (meaning helmeted), Jordan (meaning to flow down), Greenlee (from the green field), or Colby (from Koli’s farm) as first names are an easy way to honor your family tree while still sounding unique.

Surnames such as Smith (meaning blacksmith), Brady (descendant of Bradach), Wilson (son of William), Anderson (son of Andrew), Jackson (son of Jack), Walker (fuller of cloth), King (ruler), Parker (park keeper), Cooper (Barrel Maker), Gray (meaning color), Brooks (from the brook), Bryant (son of Brian), and Stone  can pay homage to your roots without feeling like you’re settling for a name that blends in with the crowd.

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Celebrity baby names
Celebrities are known for going out on a limb with their babies’ names, making them more acceptable, yet still unique, on the baby name circuit. Consider Apple (meaning the apple fruit), Suri (meaning red rose), Shiloh (his gift), Paxton (from Pacca's Town), Ryder (knight; mounted warrior), Presley (from the priest’s field), Phoenix (Phoenix, deep red), Roman (from Rome, Italy), or Kingston (from the king’s town) for your future tinsel town star.

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Unique but not too far out there
If you’re still looking for unique names that say “I’m one of a kind!” but still won’t seem too wacky, consider naming your son Kale (meaning man), Jensen (son of Jens), Royce (of a famous kin), Ryker (becoming rich), or Ulysses (wounded in the thigh).

Girl names that fit the bill include Samara (meaning result, reward), Kali (a maiden, a bud), Lyanna (gracious, field), Lexie (diminutive form of Alexander or Alexis), and Tatum (cheerful, full of spirit).

Unisex names ooze individuality like include Beckett (dweller by the brook), Skye (from the isle of Skye), Kenley (royal meadow), Sloane (warrior), and Ridley (reed clearing) can tell the world that your child is one of a kind.

When choosing a unique baby name, go for individualism, not ostracism. You don’t want your child ridiculed for the label you gave him or her, so remember to give it the tease test. If you’re confident that your child-to-be will be able to hold his or her head up high during their youth, then name away!

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