Find Out Some Fun Halloween Snacks For Your Tot

Everyone knows that come Halloween, and even well before that, kids start eating tons of candy. With bowls of miniature chocolate bars and tiny bags of sugary sweets sitting around the house long before October 31, many people have to go by more candy for their trick-or-treaters because they ate the ones they bought "too early." For the older kids, a little candy is fine, but a little goes a long way when it comes to the little ones. So, it's important to make sure they have some healthy and yummy snacks to keep their little hands out of the candy bowl! Here are a few easy and healthy snack ideas for toddlers.

By Molly Smith

Yummy jack-o-lanterns
Little bites like Cheerios, and other dry cereal that dissolves easily, raisins (and other dried fruit, if the pieces are small enough) and broken up pretzel sticks are great snacks for little ones. The items are easy for kids to pick up by themselves and they are not too messy. For a snack that also allows little ones to play, cut plate-size pumpkin shapes from orange construction paper or card stock. Then put little piles of Cheerios, dried fruit, broken up pretzel sticks and a few chocolate chips for a treat (assuming the children are not allergic to chocolate) on the high-chair tray or table.

Encourage children to play with their food – just this once! Show them how to make a jack-o-lantern face on the pumpkin "plate" using different combinations of the bite-sized snack pieces. The best part is, they can keep creating new faces over and over. Just be sure some of the snacks actually get eaten, not just played with!

Scrumptious scarecrow arms
Kids are more likely to enjoy a healthy snack if it is fun! For some easy and fun "scarecrow arms," simply cut a flour tortilla in half (or use small flour tortillas), and spread a thin layer of cream cheese on it. Then add lunchmeat (there are some great natural varieties available now), shredded cheese and shredded carrots. Make sure the cheese and carrots poke out of both ends of the tortilla. Roll up and let the little ones enjoy!

Scary shapes
Plain pita pieces might bore the kids, but if they are cut into fun shapes, they'll eat them up! Add a fun dip, and kids will be begging for more. Simply use Halloween cookie cutters to make shapes out of the pita such as witches hats, bats, and pumpkins. Then add a package of powdered ranch dip to plain yogurt and mix. Put the dip in a fun Halloween bowl, and allow the kids to dip as they please.

Another fun version of this Halloween treat is to make mini cheese crisps using flour tortillas and cheese. Cut the tortilla with the Halloween cookies cutters, and lay them on a cookie sheet. Sprinkle a little cheese on each one and broil them in the oven just until the cheese melts. (Or you can simply microwave them for a few seconds.) Be sure the treats are cooled before serving them to kids.

It wouldn't be Halloween without a little of the sweet stuff. Combine the sweet with a little fruit and kids won't mind getting their "five a day." For this freaky fruit treat, blend an 8-oz. tub of cream cheese with a 16-oz. jar of marshmallow fluff. Then slice green grapes and add a tiny dollop of the fluff mixture on each grape circle. For the final touch, cut a few pieces of red licorice (one piece of a Twizzlers Pull'n'Peel cut up works great) and add one piece into the center of each eye.

Snack time can be a fun time if the snacks are jazzed up just a bit. But remember, little ones who are learning to self-feed still need constant supervision when eating. Happy snacking!

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