Whether You Want A Frilly, Basic Or Sporty Nursing Bra, We Have All The Options Breastfeeding Mothers Need To Nurse Their Baby In Style.

It’s easy to forget that you need a specific bra for breastfeeding your baby. You may think that when junior needs a feeding you’ll just go into a private room, take off your top, remove your bra, and voila! What if he gets hungry while you are at a restaurant or someplace where it is not convenient to remove your entire bra or to fumble with pulling it up? Trust us -- a nursing bra is a must-have item for every breastfeeding mother. Not sure which nursing bra is for you? Read on for some choices.
By Brie Gatchalian

For Traditional Moms
Nursing mothers who want to stick to tradition will likely want a bra like the Anita Maternity Microfibre Jacquard Underwired Nursing Bra ($56). Adorned with a pretty jacquard pattern, this classic nursing underwire bra comes equipped with seamless pre-formed cups for the best shape for your breasts. Patented with the KwikKlip system that easily opens for baby when it’s feeding time, this bra can easily be worn with most tops in your wardrobe.

For Frugal Times
From the rising cost of staples like milk to the ever-growing cost of diapers, you can use a break in prices. When it comes to your nursing needs, we found a great bra that won’t break your bank account. Plus, with all the money you save you won't have to feel guilty about splurging on baby! The Black Padded Bra with Lace Trim from Destination Maternity ($18) provides the comfort and support that you need, while staying well within your budget.

For Sporty Moms
Still as active as ever? Moms who are still hitting the gym, going for runs and participating in sports will love the Double-Layer Nursing Bra from Motherhood ($15). This sports bra for nursing mothers can also be worn around the house on casual days. Many owners of this find say it’s like not wearing a bra at all. And the price is right, too!

For Maximum Comfort
If you want the comfort of a casual sports bra, but don’t want the look, the Medela Comfort Nursing Bra ($34) is the next best thing. This versatile bra can be worn both day and night and is soft and smooth to the touch. It also offers light support to tender breasts, so it has your relief in mind. And just like many nursing bras, this one comes with releasable straps and an underlay for easy nursing.

For Flirty Nights
The Maternelle Bra E71-135 by Elle MacPherson ($55, pictured) is as sexy as nursing bras come. Designed by the supermodel herself, this cotton nursing bra comes equipped with adjustable soft, wide straps and drop-cups for feeding ease. And just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy -- this flirty number features both style and function. The Maternelle Bra was even featured on the The Oprah Winfrey Show as a great shower gift!

For Fun Moms
Moms who like gimmicks -- meet your bra! The Love at First Sight Nursing Bra 1001 by Goddess ($29) comes with 2-ply paneled cups for shape, adjustable hook and eye cup openings for convenience and extra-wide, non-stretch shoulder straps for support. The best part? This nursing bra’s bold graphic print on the inner cups provide baby with visual stimulation during feedings.

For Casual Days
For the casual mom who spends all day in T-shirts and jeans, the Lightly Padded T-Shirt Bra ($16) is a great choice. You won’t see any lines or outlines of what lies beneath with this nursing bra, which is lightly padded and has an underwire that will give you a beautiful shape and great support. Just use the handy clip when you’re nursing the little one.

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