How To Dress And Accessorize Your Baby Diva

Your baby girl may not be Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez, but if she’s anything like Suri Cruise or Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, she is a baby diva. You buy her only the cutest clothes and accessories because nothing is too good for your living doll. They say you’re spoiling her? Who cares! Here are some more goods to add to your baby diva’s wardrobe.

By Brie Gatchalian

Metallic Moccasins

Metallic is hot this year and you want your baby to stay on top of the hip trend. These Trumpette Baby Mocs ($32, pictured), which come in silver and gold, will keep your little lady styling. The babies at daycare will be envious of the rare shoe find.

Stella McCartney Carryall

Baby needs a backpack? This Bunny Rucksack by Stella McCartney for LeSportsac ($120, pictured) is perfect for little girls with style. The rabbit bag’s head and tummy unzip to house your baby diva’s necessities. There’s also a tiny slash pocket in front of the pack to hold your little girl’s iPod shuffle (if she has one, that is).

Bejeweled Onesie

Your little one needs some bling but necklaces and bracelets just aren’t safe for her age. This Mud Pie Initially Yours Onesie ($18), which is 100% cotton, is richly bedazzled with sparkling pink jewels. Pick from embroidered letters A, C, E, G, H, J, K L, M, N, and S.

Comb and Brush for a Princess

Your baby diva loves to comb her hair. What better way for her to groom than with this bejeweled Princess Comb and Brush Set ($125, pictured) from the Julia Taylor Collection. Give your little girl the royal treatment with this luxury set that you can personalize with her name.

Silk Sling

You can carry your baby in a baby bjorn or you can use a more fashionable silk sling. This 100% Silk Dupioni Taylor Made Sling ($75), which come in black, wine, chocolate and dusty pink (pictured), is for the elegant baby-and-mom team who want to match with their pretty dresses. The natural lightweight sling is also just as secure as any other.

Luxe Hooded Robe

It’s too soon to take baby to the spa, but a bath for baby can feel as relaxing as one with this hooded robe from New Zealand’s JUBI ($36). Tori Spelling bought this luxe hooded robe for her little ones, too!

The Diva’s Closet

You’ll need a place to put baby’s things. Keep everything organized in her closet with a super system from ClosetMaid. With ClosetMaid’s Master Suite program, you can design your little girl’s bedroom closet. Prices vary depending on the closet specifications, so visit for more information.

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