These days it's easy to be a fashionable mama. Mom fashions are no longer dowdy. So if you're a mom with immense style sense, have no fear -- you'll stay hip with these mom fashions with function ...

Brie Gatchalian

not your daughter's jeansHot mama in rain or shine
No one prays for rain, but this spring you won't mind bad weather so much with these Kamik rain boots. The fabulous designs of the Atrium rainboot will turn heads and will make any day of running errands fun.

Go eco chic
Refuse paper or plastic at the grocery store. Instead, help the environment conserve its resources with this sturdy eco tote from Eco Bags. This "Love This Planet" bag is sturdy but lightweight, reusable, and can hold what's equivalent to 3-4 plastic bags. Its bottom stiffener will protect your groceries from ripping through. Even better, some of the proceeds will go to The Green Ambassadors, a high school eco-ed program.

A figure-flattering solution
Not only will these Tummy Tuck Jeans flatten your tummy, they'll also lift your butt. Made for real women with real curves, you'll feel better with the fit of this denim. Consider them the mother of all fashion fixers!

Clutch that diaper
You're a mom who packs light. You want to do away with hefty diaper totes and over-sized handbags but how, oh how will you cart around baby's diapers? This diaper clutch by JoyaBaby is a stylish way to bring along a few of them and eliminate excess baggage. Pick from the various funky patterns to match with your style.

kate spade diaper bagFunky Mary Janes
When it comes to mary janes, you automatically think black patent leather and incredibly uncomfortable – they're the shoes your mother made you wear to fancy family get-togethers. ECCO reinvented the shoe with these Summer Ballerina Mary Janes, which come equipped with a fashion-forward attitude for the hip mom on the go.

Luxe diaper bag
Diaper bags can be such a drag sometimes. Some are too kiddy'ish, while others just look plain tacky. This Kate Space Pop Clinton Street Stevie Diaper Bag looks as sophisticated as it sounds. Although it doesn't look like a typical diaper carrier, it comes fully equipped with a changing pad, and a front zipper and side pockets for baby bottles.

A flip flop for fitness
We know what you're thinking: This flip flop looks a tad offbeat. But trust us, it's the next best thing if you don't have the time to hit the gym. FitFlop will maximize walking. Its biomechanically designed with a midsole that extends the amount of time to slow-twitch muscles (which converts fat to energy). Every step will significantly increase gluteal, hamstring, and calf muscles. The sandal will also absorb shock and reduce joint strain, easing back and muscle pains.

Brace for energy
We just discovered a cute alternative to those energy bracelets. This cuff by Equilibrio(a result of a collaboration with Clarus Transphase Scientific and renowned Argentine designer Federico de Alzaga) is not only more fashionable than the rest, it provides life-supporting patterns of energy just the same. They've also been scientifically proven to help its wearers amplify energy, think clearer, feel more calm, sleep better, increase stamina and enhance mental focus.

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