Is diaper changing time a nightmare in your house because of a bad case of diaper rash? If so, here are some basic tips to help keep the diaper rash monster at bay.

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What is diaper rash?
When caught at its early stage, diaper rash causes your baby's delicate skin on his buttocks, genitals, and thighs to become red and inflamed. If the rash progresses, open sores may appear.

What causes diaper rash?
Diaper rash can be caused when the delicate skin comes in contact with moisture from urine, feces or a combination of both for an extended amount of time. Bacterial and yeast infections can also cause diaper rash.


Diaper rash prevention

  • Change diapers regularly especially if the diaper is soiled and not just wet.
  • Avoid prolonged contact with wet or soiled diapers.
  • Use hypo allergenic / unscented wipes or just plain wipes. The chemicals in wipes are major contributors to diaper rash. If you don't have the hypo allergenic variety of wipes on hand, you can rinse the wipes out thoroughly with warm water. Let your baby "air dry" before putting the diaper back on.
  • Use cornstarch to help keep baby's bottom dryer. Using baby powder or talc is NOT recommended because it can cause a reaction with the open wounds and can cause lung damage if inhaled.
  • Use a zinc oxide based diaper creams. This helps prevent the irritants from coming in contact with the delicate skin. A combination of cornstarch and the zinc oxide cream is your best defense in the battle against diaper rash.

When to see the doctor
If the rash doesn't clear up in about a week's time, or if it looks like an infection is setting in, be sure to visit your doctor. She will be able to diagnose if there is something beyond just the garden variety of diaper

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