For so long, children's furniture has been restricted to the nursery. For parents who love sleek, modern design, Jennifer DeLonge's children's furniture seamlessly transforms grown-up spaces into sophisticated yet child-friendly family rooms that are imaginative and playful. Jennifer, a designer by trade and a full time mom, became inspired to create the line while vacationing with her husband Tom DeLonge, frontman for Blink-182 and the new Angels & Airwaves. "I wanted to design pieces that had the same quality and construction as high-end adult furniture, but built on a smaller scale especially for kids," she says. Find out more about Jennifer's philosophy and get some home d?cor ideas from her here at Pregnancy & Baby!
Jennifer DeLonge

Your question:
We have a toddler who follows us around everywhere, and so has toys strewn all over the house. Do you have any tips on how to tastefully handle this situation without confining every single plaything to his bedroom?

The expert answers:
Find an attractive yet practical storage system. As a mom, this is exactly why I designed our Charles and Audrey storage systems! Such pieces are intended for toy storage but disguised as furniture you happily welcome into a living room, family room or playroom.

Your home should be a family environment, and keeping toys nicely hidden in a room you all use allows for fantastic interaction, keeping your children involved in your day-to-day home routine. Having storage he can call his own will make him proud to show off his toys to family and guests and gives him a sense of accomplishment when it comes time for clean up.

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