You've hinted to your friends and made discreet inquiries at work... yet it doesn't look like anyone has plans to hold a baby shower for you. Well, it's just a party, right? So why can't you just throw your own baby shower party? Our etiquette expert offers some insight. (Have a question for our experts? Ask it here!)
Melissa Leonard

Your question:
If nobody offers to throw you a baby shower, can you do it yourself? Is there some way to structure the event to make that acceptable?

The expert answers:
I would certainly hope that if no one offered to host your baby shower, it would simply be because someone thinks that another is already handling it. If not one person offers to throw you a baby shower, I wouldn't necessarily take matters into your own hands.

After all, what fun is a baby shower, if you have to plan and host it yourself? You certainly wouldn't ask friends to throw you a birthday party and buy gifts in honor of your special day, would you?

As awkward as it may sound, I would suggest having a conversation with one of your close friends or family members and let them know of your predicament. After that, the ball is in their court and hopefully they will step up to the plate and plan a shower, if one is not already in the works.

Hey, you never know -- perhaps they are throwing you a surprise shower!

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