A parfait is an old-fashioned layered dessert that looks pretty, and is fun to eat. With Valentine's Day around the corner, we thought you would enjoy a nice sweet treat to serve for dessert to your special loved ones.
Cheryl Tallman and Joan Ahlers

Ingredients for each parfait:
3 Tbsp. strawberry puree (made from 3-4 large strawberries)
1 Tbsp. chocolate syrup
Whipped cream and sprinkles (optional)
Parfait glasses, short stemmed wine glasses, or tall glasses

1. Puree the strawberries in a blender.

2. Make the parfaits by layering the ingredients in each glass in the following order:
2-3 Tbsp yogurt
1 Tbsp chocolate syrup
2-3 Tbsp yogurt
3 Tbsp strawberries
2-3 Tbsp yogurt

3. Chill. Just before serving, top with whipped cream and sprinkles. Grab your spoons and dig in! Happy Valentine's Day!PregnancyAndBaby.com

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