Pea In The Pod? Find Out With Simplicity!

Dateline: October 2005 (Rochester, New York) Pregnancy is one of the most important events in most people's lives. When a woman is wondering -- is she? or isn't she? -- the feelings of uncertainty, excitement, and anxiety can be intense. But her home pregnancy test should be effortless and accurate.
Welcome then Simplicity, The "No-Step" Pregnancy Test, which is a unique and exciting new product from Arben Bioscience, LLC. Eliminating the hassle of sticks or droppers, Simplicity brings ease to home pregnancy tests and offers peace of mind to its users.

"Simplicity is superior to other home pregnancy tests on the market," says Stephen Schwartz of Arben Bioscience, LLC, "because it is cup based, which makes it easier and less messy for women to use. The test actually involves no steps. Urine is simply collected and that's it. There is no more for the user to do. There's less chance of human error. In fact, the test is 99.9% accurate at detecting early pregnancy when used according to instructions, making it the simplest and safest choice for women who need to know."

The test is all contained in one easy-to-use cup, and the results are displayed right on the outside of the cup. One pink line indicates no pregnancy, while two pink lines indicate pregnancy. The test works by detecting the presence of the pregnancy hormone, hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin).

Simplicity is steadily expanding its national distribution, and is currently available in retail stores across the United States including BI-LO, CVS/Pharmacy,, Fruth Pharmacy, Happy Harry's, HEB Grocery, High School Pharmacy, Kerr Drug, Price-Less Drug, Price Mart and Value Drug Company. The suggested retail price is $11.99 for a single test and $14.99 for a package of two test cups.

For more information, to make contact or to order Simplicity online please visit Simplicity can also be contacted by mail at: Arben Bioscience, LLC, 250 Mill Street, Suite 400, Rochester, NY 14614.

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