Chandler, Arizona - October 28, 2005 ? The city of Chandler, AZ has become the second city in the nation to enact a breast-feeding law, making it legal in the city for a mother to nurse her child "anywhere a mother and child are allowed to be." The council on Thursday voted unanimously to approve the measure.
Their decision met with cheers and a standing ovation from more than 50 mothers, most holding babies, who packed the room. The council also passed a resolution asking the state Legislature to follow its lead and exempt breast-feeding from indecent-exposure laws.

Embarrassment and social reticence are listed as barriers to breastfeeding in the Position of the American Dietetic Association: Promoting and Supporting Breastfeeding in the May 2005 issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association.

Teresa Carroll, is a registered dietician, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and founder of NuAngel ( works with women, giving information and advice on breastfeeding. Carroll has some great tips for women who choose to breast feed in public.

  • Be Informed: Every city has a different policy. Contact your local LaLeche League for information about your particular city's rules about breastfeeding, call 1.800.LA.LECHE or visit
  • For a short trip, try nursing prior to leaving or right after returning home.
  • Nurse in your car if desired.
  • Nurse in dressing rooms in clothing stores. Some places have dedicated nursing rooms.
  • If you are uncomfortable, try a nursing cover: NuAngel makes a great nursing cover that allows moms to privately nurse anywhere. Many styles are offered at

Teresa Carroll is three-time nursing mother, who has dedicated her life and career to breast feeding awareness. When working with the state of Alabama, she was the first state appointed lactation coordinator. She is available for advice, comments or interviews regarding breastfeeding.

About NUAngel: NuAngel, Inc. is a U.S. manufacturer of quality products for nursing mothers. The "Nu" in NuAngel represents Nursing, Nutrition, and New. We are committed to helping promote, protect and support breastfeeding. Teresa Carroll founded NuAngel, Inc. in 1990 with a children's book titled Mommy Breastfeeds Our Baby. The book was designed to offer a unique approach in explaining breastfeeding to a young child. Newly revised, the book now includes English, Spanish, and French translations.

Our patented NuAngel Nursing Cover and Large Contoured Burp Pad is award-winning. The cover was designed to encourage mothers to breastfeed anytime and anywhere. It was designed by a certified lactation consultant and three time nursing mother. Other NuAngel products include bra extenders, burp pads, and crib/door cards. Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of breastfeeding mothers and their nursing new angels.


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