Kristina Springer Tip number 21: On the go Now that your little guy is...

Kristina Springer

Tip number 21: On the go

Now that your little guy is on the go, take plenty of shots of him crawling across the room. If possible, use time lapse to capture the shots every few seconds automatically.

Scrapping idea: Trim very closely around babies body on a handful of action shots (maybe 5 to 7) and then spread them out on the paper so that it looks like he is crawling across the page. This can also be done for walking.

Tip number 22: Arts and crafts

When your baby is close to nine months or so, leave her in just a diaper and put her in her high chair with some finger paints and paper. Then start snapping pictures! She might have paint on her from head to toe but it will make for great shots.

Scrapping idea: Use one of her completed finger paintings as the background for the page.

Tip number 23: First haircut

When your baby goes for his first haircut, make sure that you get before, during and after pictures for your scrapbook.

Scrapping idea: Kristi suggests that you embellish the page with scissors or hair roller stickers. Also be sure to add a see-through envelope or bag to save a lock of your baby's hair.

Tip number 24: My favorites

Closer to when your baby is a year, take pictures of her with some of her favorite things. Maybe she has a stuffed teletubbie that she drags everywhere or a favorite blanket.

Scrapping idea: Use ads from the Sunday paper to cut out pictures of the items your baby loves and glue them around the border of the page. Also make a detailed list of all of your baby's favorites at this time. Include everything from her favorite food to her favorite toy and favorite TV show.

Tip number 25: The first birthday party

Close your scrapbook with lots of photos from his first birthday party. Get shots of him eating the cake, opening presents, and visiting with his guests.

Scrapping idea: Use items from the party to embellish the page. For example, you may want to include an extra invitation, a balloon that didn't get blown up, or a napkin with "Happy First Birthday" printed on it.

Hopefully these precious poses to use for photos and these scrapping techniques will inspire you to make your own special first year scrapbook for your baby. (Want more ideas? Visit our scrapbooking message board!)

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