Kristina Springer Tip number 16: Messy eater Capture your cutie taking his first bites of...

Kristina Springer

Tip number 16: Messy eater

Capture your cutie taking his first bites of baby food.

Scrapping idea: Save some labels from his favorite jars of food to make a border for your scrap page.

Tip number 17: Playtime

Snap shots of your baby playing with her favorite toys, such as her exersaucer, the kick and play, or a favorite stuffed toy. If you can set it up, a great shot would be a reflection of baby looking into a mirror on one of her toys.

Scrapping idea: Accent the page with silly songs you sing and nicknames you call her. You'll forget them soon enough, so it is nice to document them here.

Tip number 18: Reading time

Get pictures of you and your spouse taking turns reading to baby -- whether it is his favorite book or the Sunday paper.

Scrapping idea: Finally, a use for junk mail! Cut out pictures of children's book covers from those kid's book club brochures that come in the mail and use them to embellish the page. Another nice edition is a book list of your little one's current favorite books.

Tip number 19: Making cookies with mommy

Ok, so your baby may not be actually helping you make cookies quite yet, but you can still get a great picture. Prop her up in a bouncy chair and put a bowl of cookie dough on her lap and a wooden spoon in her hand.

Scrapping idea: To embellish this page, make a paper cookie with a bite out of it, or use cardstock to create a bowl of dough with a spoon in it.

Tip number 20: Peek-a-boo

It's just about every baby's favorite game, so take some shots of baby playing peek-a-boo.

Scrapping idea: Nora has a fabulous idea for a peek-a-boo page. She says, "I had captured lots of pictures of my daughter playing peek-a-boo around corners, under chairs, behind the couch, etc." So she made a spread with flaps that opened. "The flaps each had a letter and together they spelled out 'peek-a-boo.' When you lifted each flap, it was one of the pictures of her playing peek-a-boo."

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