Kristina Springer Tip number 11: Body parts Nora suggests that you take close-up shots of baby's...

Kristina Springer

Tip number 11: Body parts

Nora suggests that you take close-up shots of baby's various parts -- his nose, ears and eyes. You don't want to forget that precious rosebud of a mouth or his long dark eyelashes.

Scrapping idea: Spread the pictures all around the page and put a typical full-face picture of the baby in the center.

Tip number 12: First owie

No one forgets that first bad scrape or big goose egg your baby gets. But, just in case you do, take a picture.

Scrapping idea: Embellish the page with the first band-aid that she wore or the wrapper from the gauze pad.

Tip number 13: First holidays

Holiday pictures are of course a must. Capture everything from your baby sitting in a pumpkin patch at Halloween to her playing with a dreidl to her holding a lit pile of multi-color tree lights on her lap at Christmas.

Scrapping idea: Embellish with themed holiday stickers, or do some fancy cutting with your pictures. For example, you could shape your holiday pictures like ornaments and hang them on a tree page. Likewise, you can shape pictures like eggs at Easter and put them in a large Easter basket on a page.

Tip number 14: First trips and travels

Whether it is the first trip to the grocery store, grandma's or the children's museum, take lots of pictures and dedicate a page to each event.

Scrapping idea: Use the ticket stubs, receipts or brochures you picked up on each trip to embellish the page.

Tip number 15: Little piggies

Baby toes are one of the cutest things in the world, so take several shots of your baby's adorable feet. You also might want to use stamp pads or paint to make an impression of baby's footprints as well.

Scrapping idea: Michelle Chronister, a mother of two from Woodridge, Illinois, suggests making cute little pink pigs out of card stock and using them to border a page. You can also cut out the letters "Little Piggies" for this page to top it

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