Kristina Springer Tip number 6: Watch me grow Each month, take a picture of your little...

Kristina Springer

Tip number 6: Watch me grow

Each month, take a picture of your little one next to an object, like a favorite stuffed animal. With my one-year old daughter, we took a picture of her with roses at each month's "birthday." With each month that she grew older, we gave her an additional rose until she held a dozen on her first birthday.

Scrapping idea: Trim closely around each picture so that you can fit all twelve pictures (one after another) on a page, and watch your baby grow.

Tip number 7: Sleepy time

Capture those precious moments when baby is snoozing. Get shots of him sleeping alone and those times he nods off with mommy or daddy.

Scrapping idea: Embellish the page with moon and stars stickers.

Tip number 8: Doctor's check-ups

Take pictures of your baby at her doctor's appointments (at least the first one!).

Scrapping idea: "I have all the checkup sheets my doctor gave us for her appointments," says Kristin of the 5x7 piece of paper with the baby's stats and progress. "I'm going to scrap them with a picture taken from that time frame." Kristin also suggests embellishments like medical equipment, stethoscopes, and band aid stickers for the page.

Tip number 9: Rub-a-dub-dub in the baby tub

Take shots of everything from baby's first sponge bath to his first bath in the baby tub, and finally his graduation to the regular bathtub.

Scrapping idea: Use cute bubbles and rubber ducky embellishments for this page.

Tip number 10: Grumpy and grouchy

We are always taking pictures of the baby when she is a little angel so for another view, take some when she is really ticked off.

Scrapping idea: Try making an Oscar the Grouch or Grumpy Bear page for these shots. Or you can place the picture on blue paper and go with a "Feeling Blue"

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