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If I thank someone for their gift in person at my baby shower, do I still need to write a thank you note?

The expert answers:
Have you ever noticed how some people are so fabulous about writing thank you notes? Writing a thank you note doesn't take much time at all and doing so is a kind way or showing your gratitude and appreciation. Unless, the host of the party makes a speech during the shower and specifically says, "Our last present to you if that you do not have to write any of us thank you notes, as we know you are going to be very busy in the coming weeks", a thank you note is the proper thing to do. I have sent baby and wedding gifts to friends and never received a verbal or written thank you and that is simply put...BAD FORM! The answer to this question is yes, a thank you should always be written, even if you have verbally thanked them at your shower.

Here are some other commonly asked questions and answers regarding thank you notes.

How long after I receive a gift or kindness should a note be sent?
I feel that a note should be sent immediately. I even suggest addressing the envelope and putting a stamp on BEFORE you attend a dinner party or social function. That way, you can come home and simply write the note the next day and the tedious part of task is complete. Of course, it is not always possible to write the note immediately, so I suggest that it be sent within a week. The more time that goes by, the less likely you are to write the note. It is very easy to put it off again and again.

Do I have to write a thank you note when I receive a hostess/host gift?
In this case, the gift is being given as a thank you for inviting that individual to your home. We should recognize the kindness shown, but a thank you note is not necessary. I would give a phone call the following day and thank that person for attending as well as for the lovely gift.

What should I put in a thank you note?
The best kind of thank you notes are those that come from the heart. Rather than writing a dull thank you so much note, tell them how the gift made you feel. For example, if I receive a DVD, I could write how much I am looking forward to lighting some candles, ordering take out and watching the movie. The object of a thank you note is not to fill up the entire white square of the note. It doesn't matter how long the note is, only what is written. PregnancyAndBaby.com

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