At what age were your kids able to play with PlayDoh and color with crayons without putting them in their mouths?? Cooper & Claire really like to draw with crayons, but after about 1 minute, they always bite the ends of them off! Same goes for PlayDoh...and Color Wonders Markers...they all go straight into their mouths.
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I also bought the Color Wonders Finger Paints, but I'm not even going to try those out yet until we can get the others down. I have told them over and over that they do not go into their mouths, but it ends up turning into a battle and I have to take them away every time. Is there a magic age that they learn to sit and draw nicely? I guess that for now we will be sticking with our MagnaDoodles! - Mommy

We started around 18 months and they did put it in their mouths. But we just kept working at teaching them to keep them out. We told them to watch Nathan and how he colored. Sometimes it worked...sometimes it didn't. But by age 2 they weren't eating them as much. That being said I'm sure they have eaten their fair share of art supplies. - Laura

We haven't tried playdoh yet, but at age two when they moved from the baby nursery to the toddler nursery at church they introduced crayons so we started at home. I know when they start preschool in the fall they'll be introduced to playdoh so I'll wait until then! As far as crayons go, just make sure you get the washable kind!! I'm still trying to teach mine to color on paper and not their toys and carpet! - Dana

My boys stopped totally wanting to eat them a couple months ago and they are two, but still every now and then I see them go in the mouth! LOL...BUT they do still have to be watched - because they want to write on other things still! I love those magic marker things! Those are awesome! Also - I think it only took one bite of the playdoh and they didn't want more. So that may help! - Roni

Madison did ok with crayons just a few months after turning 2, she didn't play with playdoh until after turning 3 and she does ok with that too. The twins are still eating crayons, but they won't be 2 until March....they are getting better, but they still eat them! I don't let them play with playdoh yet. - Kathy

I'm an oddball and introduced that stuff early. I've never had a biting problem and they were always pretty good about not putting it in their mouth. . My two were 13 mos when they were using crayons and 15 mos maybe when they played with playdoh. But I made my own playdoh that wasn't a problem if they DID eat it. My two are VERY picky eaters though and don't like to try new things, so maybe that helped. They do get better as they get older, you just have to keep trying it. Just continue being firm saying "no eating ____" or you will take it away. They will eventually get the hint!

Here's a homemade recipe for playdoh that I used:

1 cup flour 1 cup water 1/2 cup salt Food coloring of your choice

It makes quite a bit, so start out slow and mix until you get the right consistency. Then add the food coloring. You can store it in a sandwich or freezer bag in the fridge for 3-5 days before it starts going bad. Just a thought though!

Oh and don't forget about paints! Paint with water books are GREAT and even though they make a water mess, it's so cute! And playing in a little bit of shaving cream (or whipped cream for those that are ok with dairy products!) Oh the fun they will have! - Kim

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