I decided to wean Josi at 13 months but just got serious about it at 16 months. First it was one or twice a day of nursing -- then to about once a day then onto once every other day or so. Finally, I can say I haven't nursed her in about 4-5 days but she still tries to goes for it every so often.
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I know it's hard for her, but it's also hard for me SO, I was wondering from those of you who waited to wean until they were 12 months or better, after how many days of absolutely no nursing did their little one finally lose interest. Granted I have heard of kids revisiting the issue long after they have been weaned, particularly when a younger sibling comes along that is being nursed, but barring that potential, how long did it take before it was really over with the daily begging to be nursed. - Joseline

We kind of ended up just going cold turkey. Daytimes went smoothly - I just kept offering her milk, water, juice, snacks, whatever would take her mind off of nursing, and make sure and cuddle her more than normal. After about 4 days there was no way I was going back, and she seemed to be doing fine as well. Nighttimes were harder, because she doesn't do well at all when she's awake at night. Just a couple of nights of refusing her and she started sleeping through, though. I know cold turkey is not for everyone. We did daytime cold turkey, and after about 4 days went cold turkey for nighttime, and it worked pretty dang smoothly for us. - Becky

I had my DH put Cooper to bed for several nights in a row and that ended the night/before bed feeding. Then during the day I just stopped offering it to him. And the last to go was morning which was pretty much a cold turkey kind of thing. At least, that's my memory of it now. It was only two months ago! - Jen

Having DH help out does make an incredible difference with weaning. In fact, DH puts Melinda to bed every night he's available now, I ended up liking that change so much. - Becky

Will was 14 months, right after Thanksgiving, the last time I nursed him. I think the getting down to once a day was more of a struggle than completely quitting. I guess he was just ready, because he seemed to pretty much forget about it. I honestly don't think he remembers it at all now. - Kathy PregnancyAndBaby.com

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