I'm just wondering if any of you have had any experience with pumps. Are they necessary? I'm going to be a stay at home mom (SAHM) for probably the first 6mos or so and am planning on breastfeeding. Just not sure if I should bother buying one or wait and see if I need one. Any advice/insight greatly appreciated. - May
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I had a Medela Pump In Style and I could not live without it! I had to go back to work part time after 8 weeks so for me it was a must. If you have to go back to work or plan to leave the baby for any length of time or if your husband wants to feed the baby a bottle you will need a pump. Lots of moms don't need one though so maybe you could start out with just a manual pump and see if you really will need an electric. - Lorelle

Necessary? Probably not for a SAHM. Nice? Definitely.

I have been a SAHM since Griff was born. I had a manual (Avent Isis) pump and it never worked for me. Most of the time that wasn't an issue, but there were times when it would have been really, really nice to be able to miss a feeding, or when he slept extra long and I needed a little relief. Both were really rare events - we were very attached, I was almost never away from him at all until he was over a year old. But it did happen now and then that there was some reason for me to be away from him for a few hours, during which he might need to eat, and occasionally I would be engorged and need relief but he wasn't awake/hungry to help me out. My only option was to hand-express, which is a lot of work. We survived that, but this time around I found a good new Ameda Purely Yours on eBay. I don't know exactly how much use it will get, but it will be very nice to have it around for those few times when I need an afternoon by myself or when I have some other pumping need/wish. - Jess

I had two Ameda Purely Yours pumps. One for home and one for work. Of course, I worked FT and exclusively pumped. I am going to be staying home with this baby, and trying to be successful at breastfeeding. However, I will still have a pump.

It's worth it for when you need to be away from baby for a night out or something. I have seen lots of moms post when they have to return to work after exclusively breastfeeding for so long and they can't get their babies to take a bottle and are so stressed. Personally, I will introduce a bottle after we have gotten comfortable with breastfeeding so that it doesn't become an issue should I have to return to work or decide to go out for an afternoon and leave the kids with Grandma. - Lena

I really enjoyed having a pump. I breastfed exclusively, so it was nice to occasionally have my husband give Kaede her drink. And sometimes when I'd become engorged, my pump was a blessing! - Marie

I have an electric pump and used it if I missed a feeding and also when I worked out. (I get up really early and pump, then go running and then if the baby gets up while I am gone, his daddy could feed him and I was a heck of a lot comfortable running empty than full!) I would get one...but you don't need the top of the line one if you aren't going to be working and using it everyday. It is nice to have an extra supply of milk, just in case. - Kristen

As a SAHM a breast pump isn't really needed. However, I tried a hospital grade one 6 months into my BF experience and wish I would have rented one earlier. They are so nice and express milk rather quickly compared to the manual ones. - SheilaPregnancyAndBaby.com


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