What do you girls think about baby modeling? I would like to get Jaylee into that, I used to be a model myself and I loved it, I hope I can lose the "baby" fat, so I can go back to modeling! I think I am going to try to get her in a good agency and hope that everything goes well! I hope she'll like to do that, if she doesn't I will not force my pumpkin, it will be up to her! - Angel
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Secretly I have thought of it. But, I haven't really considered it further than the thought. You definitely look like you could have been a model. You are beautiful! If your daughter follows suit you shouldn't have a problem. - Sunflower

DH sometimes jokes about putting Tyler in modeling - because of course to US he is the absolutely most handsome boy ever! LOL I think you should do what's right for you but I personally have no intention of doing that. - Tyler

Drew had some of pictures used in Sears picture advertising and also was used for a "When I Grow Up" which is another photo company. I didn't actively seek them out though. I had gone for his pictures there and both times when we were done they asked if they could use his pictures in their advertising. For the Sears ones I was given free sittings and a package for 1 year so I said of course use him. For the "When I Grow Up" they gave us a free package and again I said go ahead and use it. It was kind of neat to have the Sears photo coupon flyers that you get in the mail, and seeing Drew's chubby little cheeks in it - Shauna

I won't even consider it for Cassie. I don't have anything nice to say about that so I just won't say anything. - Marie

With our oldest we were approached several times but we were opposed to it. Finally though I did look into what it would involve and I was not interested at all. The more jobs you want the more you have to go, even to the point of having a pager. We decided kids should be kids. - Kirstin

My eldest girls have both done the modeling/acting/dance thing...both from a very early age. I don't see anything wrong with it; the money they earned from it went into THEIR savings account, so it benefited them. Once they got into nursery school they didn't do anything until they were about 7 and 9, then they asked to start drama/dance classes, and went on to do shows, etc from there. - Heart

Personally I think it is too much work for too little money for them. A lot of people want me to get Lillyan in modeling, and I have looked into it and IMO not worth the stress. - Rochelle PregnancyAndBaby.com

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