Josh And Angela Hill Of Rogersville, Missouri Created A Beautiful Dr Seuss Nursery. Check Out How They Did It!

Josh and Angela Hill of Rogersville, Missouri created a beautiful Dr Seuss nursery. Check out how they did it!
P&B: How did you decide on the theme for your baby's room?

Angela Hill: My husband and I have great memories of falling to sleep to Dr Seuss stories. Not because they were boring but because we had tried desperately to keep our eyes open hoping to hear one more nonsensical word to spark our imaginations. Though we found out we were having a girl, we wanted to do something unisex in case the doctors were wrong. We also wanted a room that could be used by any children to come.

P&B: Did you get any help from a designer or a decorator in planning the room?

Angela Hill: My husband was the sole creator/designer for Zoe's room. He graduated with three degrees: Graphic Art, Photography, and Illustration. As you can see, God has blessed him, not only with the patience to stick with schooling, but some serious talent. I knew he was talented but I have to say this exceeded even my highest expectation. He basically went through various Dr Seuss books and pulled out images and pages that he thought would go best in a baby's room. I sat back and marveled at the way he pulled it all together. We really thought we would do a much simpler version but when we looked, we could not find a lot much by way of borders or furniture so Josh decided to do it himself.

P&B: How did you create the drawings/murals?

Angela Hill: Josh drew the pictures on the wall freehand. Horton the Elephant took all of twenty minutes after some erasing and redrawing. He was very much a perfectionist in all of his drawings. He erased The Cat in the Hat several times, though I thought he was fine. Josh said he did not want to be stuck with an image he didn't like. Next, we chose bright colors of paint we felt would bring the drawings to life. Josh, his mother, and I all painted for the next couple months. When the paint dried, Josh went through and outlined the images with a black paintpen. It was quite the project.

P&B: What else is in the room to complement/accent the walls?

Angela Hill: Josh's mother made us a curtain and baby bumper out of material with a black and white swirly design. There is a black and white striped lamp in the room.

For Christmas, Zoe recieved a white table and chairs that sported a Dr Seuss image on top, placed there by her father (of course). We also have several Dr Seuss stuffed animals placed on her bookshelf.

P&B: Any tips for other parents hoping to create something like this?

Angela Hill: Make sure you know what you are getting into. While the end result is worth it, be willing to spend a lot of time and energy on the project. There is more Dr Seuss merchandise on the market since the movie came out, but don't count on borders and bumpers to carry off this theme.

P&B: What have people's reactions been to the work?

Angela Hill: Almost without fail, they think of what work Josh could do in their house. They are in awe of this design and know they could trust him to do just about anything they might want in their own house or office.

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