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Simla Akyol

Your question:
My son will be turning two on his next birthday and I know the theme for his party is going to be Tonka big trucks. Can you please give me some ideas for decorating and also some ideas for food. There will be both kids and adults attending.

The expert answers:
Tonka theme decor is very easy to put it together .Your color scheme should be orange, yellow and blue. You can get some road signs like construction area, yield, stop, construction ahead, etc., from a local auto supply store or a hardware store as well as orange construction cones, multi-color pennants and caution signs -- they also come in a big roll that you can use like streamers all over the party area.

Road signs are super easy to make too, if you have the time. All you need is a foam core, X-ACTO knife and acrylic paint. You can also use contractors "hard hats" for decor and after the party give them away as a party favor.

As far as food, keep it simple and fun. Finger sandwiches, fruit plates, vegetable and cheese plates are great for any kid's party with the right presentation.

Use cookie cutters. www.wilton.com has construction cookie cutters for shaped sandwiches and fruits. You can display the vegetables behind the big toy pick-up truck (use foil paper so the food is not touching the base and sides of the trunk, of course). A tractor cake pan is a must too.PregnancyAndBaby.com

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