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Armin Brott
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    My wife and I have been married for five years and after spending countless hours analyzing our situation, we've decided that this is the right time to start trying for our first child But the other day we were watching Oprah and heard a number of women talking about motherhood. A lot of them expressed regret, saying they wished they could give their babies back and start over. One even said that 80 percent of childrearing is no fun. That whole discussion got my wife and me frightened. Is there really nothing positive about parenthood?

    Armin Brott answers:
    That's one of the reasons I don't watch Oprah--too many views expressed that don't have anything to do with reality. The truth is that a lot of parenting really is no fun. But I've never met a parent -- mom or dad -- who didn't feel that at least on some level, having children was the best thing they've ever done in their lives.

    Also keep in mind that you're in a very different spot than most people. A huge percentage of pregnancies are unplanned (not necessarily unwanted, just somewhat unexpected). That can put a lot more strain on the couple and the individuals involved and detract from the joys of parenting. But since you and your wife are putting a lot of thought into becoming parents, you're far ahead of the game.

    Bottom line: don't pay too much attention to what everyone else says. Yes, parenting will change your life forever -- some of the changes will be positive, others less positive. But overall, it's a fantastic, rewarding and fulfilling experience and you'll never regret having done it. PregnancyAndBaby.com


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