When it was time to get the nursery ready for their baby, Stacy Bottoms and his wife didn't ask a designer for advice about planning the room. The couple from Mt Pleasant, North Carolina instead did the work themselves -- and created a picture-perfect and absolutely charming haven for their new son. Here's a look at their Winnie-the-Pooh themed nursery!
winnie the pooh

Why did you decide on this theme for your baby's room?
We decided on a Winnie The Pooh theme for our nursery because my wife asked me to paint a few characters on a wall. I had never done a mural before, but wanted to give it a try. We had four months before the due date, and I sort of got carried away and did all four walls.

My first step was to do numerous sketchbook drawings in relation to each wall size. I then chose a light blue sky color from our home store paint center. This color provides a sense of depth as if being outside. After drawing each character onto large paper, I cut them out and drew lightly around their edges while held on the wall. Then acrylic paint was used to paint the characters. I didn't keep track of the hours while painting. I just painted characters on one wall at a time, and was very careful when climbing our ladder to paint Owls' tree.


How did you create the drawings/murals?
My wife left the details up to me, and I really wanted it to seem as if you were in the pages of the storybook.


What else is in the room to complement/accent the walls?
My wife decorated the room with Pooh lamps and light-colored oak furniture.


Any tips for other parents hoping to create something like this?
For parents that decide to paint their nursery room, I suggest making several sketches first and then choosing colors. Or, if you ask your friends, they may recommend an artist willing to work with your ideas. Be careful to use only non-toxic paints.


What have people's reactions been to the work?
When people see our nursery, they often ask why I don't do this full time. Painting has always been a relaxing hobby for me. Hopefully when I retire, I can paint more.

Some people wonder if we will ever repaint his room. I usually say that I can't wait to repaint it with a Hot Wheels world race theme!PregnancyAndBaby.com

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