If you are like most parents, than you are convinced that your bouncing baby just does the cutest little things. It's true. Babies make wonderful photo subjects and the latest digital point-and-shoot cameras provide parents with a great way to preserve the funny faces and first steps and share these memories with friends and family.

As you know, keeping up with your baby can be quite a challenge. Here are a few baby photography tips from the professionals at Nikon to make sure that each shot is perfect, and the memories never fade:



  • Be prepared --The Boy Scouts were right. Always have your digital camera out and ready to go with your batteries charged so you never miss a moment. Unexpected moments often make the best photos.


  • Teamwork pays off --One moment, baby is posed perfectly and the next, she's crawling away! Babies are easily distracted, so have a relative or friend keep baby's attention with a toy or noise while you capture the moment.


  • See eye-to-eye with baby --Don't take photos from grown-up level. Instead, get down to baby's level so that you can catch shots from a new perspective.


  • Light of your life -- Choose or use a camera with Scene Modes. Some digital cameras have pre-programmed settings to capture the perfect picture of baby under difficult situations such as dawn or dusk, bright sunlight or near darkness.


  • You may never see red-eye again --Baby's bright eyes are more likely to produce "red-eye" so try to choose and use a camera that has the In-Camera Red-Eye Fix feature to show your child's true "baby blues."


  • It's a family affair -- Baby might be the shining star these days, but don't forget the rest of the family. Be sure to jump in some shots yourself .these are the days to remember. PregnancyAndBaby.com



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